20 tips how to break up with your boyfriend

Today I am sharing with you a healthy root to breakup with your partner.

1. Communicate your decision to your boyfriend in a clear and concise manner.

2. Be assertive in your explanation of why you want to break up.

3. Be honest about your feelings and explain that you no longer have the same level of feelings for him.

4. If you have been unhappy in the relationship for some time, explain this to your boyfriend.

5. Let your boyfriend know that you still care about him and appreciate what he has done for you, but that you feel it is time to end the relationship.

6. Thank your boyfriend for his time, effort and companionship during your relationship.

7. If you have any mutual friends, explain to them that you and your boyfriend have decided to break up and ask them to respect your decision.

8. Avoid any contact with your ex-boyfriend for a period of time. This will give you both time to heal and move on.

9. If you have any shared belongings, such as a car or pet, make arrangements for these to be returned to their rightful owner.

10. If you have any joint accounts, such as a bank account or lease, close these accounts and make arrangements for any outstanding payments to be made.

11. Unsubscribe from any joint memberships or subscriptions, such as a gym membership or magazine subscription.

12. Return any keys, credit cards or other items that your boyfriend may have in your possession.

13. Delete any photographs, texts or social media posts that you have of your boyfriend.

14. Change your relationship status on social media to “single”.

15. Remove any reminders of your boyfriend from your home, such as photos, clothes or gifts.

16. If you have any shared interests, such as a hobby or sport, find a new activity to take up in place of the old one.

17. If you have any shared friends, try to spend time with them individually rather than as a group.

18. Avoid any places that you used to go as a couple, such as restaurants, bars or clubs.

19. Keep yourself busy and occupied with other activities, such as work, hobbies or spending time with friends and family.

20. Seek professional help if you are struggling to cope with the break-up.

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