Is Holo lens the new game changer? 2023 Report!

As we know Microsoft is almost everywhere all across the globe in the form of Computers Medical equipment to Education. Nowadays Microsoft is slowly evolving its Holo lens.

Blending the digital world with the actual work. Now a human can interact with the digital world through holograms. Now we can touch holograms and watch live holograms, the interaction through holograms looks artificial but now Microsoft has achieved it. You can easily zoom in, zoom out and touch the hologram that you will see through VR.

What is VR?

VR (Virtual Reality) is a device used to create a simulated environment that can be explored in 360 degrees.

The device is very easy to use and also helps a worker to work with extraordinary sharpness in work.

The Microsoft holo lens consists of these amazing Mixed Reality Features.

  • Input System
  • Gaze + Select
  • Hand tracking
  • Eye tracking
  • Voice command
  • Controller
  • UI controls
  • Solvers/ Interaction
  • Spatial Understanding
  • Teleportation
  • MRTK Standard Shader
  • Diagnostic tool

The holo lens can be used in Education, Entertainment, Industries, and also in Medical treatments. Like it can be easily used to video call with a hologram of a friend or in the field of building and construction also for Manufacturing industries.

2020 Holo lens introduction video by Microsoft

The holo lens has various modes to interact like easy voice interaction and you can also touch the buttons in the air.

The Holo lens was launched on Nov 2020, May 2020! Today in 2023, the holo lens Microsoft team is being cut from the organization as 2023 is not so good for the holo lens due to layoffs of Microsoft employees, this could be due to an economic crisis or losses. Approximately 11,000 layoffs in which most of the layoffs were the Holo AR team.

As of now, Holo lens 2 is out on the market and is being used by many big organizations, however, due to layoffs looks like the technology will need some time to arrive. The competitors Google and Facebook are doing a nice approach as Google has made its Google lens that can use AR in smartphone devices and through your smartphone’s camera you can check search for anything about any object through the google Lens camera app.

Facebook also announced meta and showed a strong competitor effect as they are the ones with a lot of users and as takeovers the app Whatsapp. Facebook is now planning to create the biggest working meta verse which will be deeply included in Crypto and communication! Hence VR technology has a very vast future. As anything in the real world can be converted into the Meta world The mixed reality world.

Click on the image to check the companies that are using Microsoft holo lenses.

Data by HG insights.

Does the holo lens have a future?

As of the layoffs, the holo lens team is being removed from Microsoft Corp mainly the hardware. This was announced last month. Still, this technology is started being followed by other big players like Apple and Facebook. So there are many hopes that this technology will be more enforced in our daily life. More likely Facebook will be showing more glimpses this year as Facebook changed its name last year and also introduced avatars

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